Heirloom apples are disappearing. There are heritage orchard enthusiast blogs that recommend certain apple trees over others. From apples, you can make apple peel tea, cider, vinegar, snacks,  wine, potpourri, and cool beauty treats.

When you go to the grocery store, you might see only a dozen apple varieties. These Whole Foods produce gurus explain how they determined which ones were the tastiest. If you go to your average Kroger or Safeway, you might only see a smaller choice of five apple varieties due to the birth of the industrial revolution.


One perfect apple for juicing and just plain eating is the Cripps Pink, sold under the name “Pink Lady.”

If you find yourself in Downtown, Los Angeles, Green Grotto Juice Bar is famous for crafting a healthy and delicious “Berry Appy” filled with organic pink ladies.

These are the best apples for juicing, but it really depends on your taste buds. Sometimes Golden Delicious are the best for baking while Honeycrisp are popular for eating. What is your favorite apple? Let us know below!

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