Before hitting up your local Grocery store or Target to stock up on last-minute Halloween candy, think again.

Popular candy brands including Snickers and Reeses are full of genetically modified hydrogenated oils and corn syrup, not to mention they pack a crazy high sugar content. According to an article written on, “A regular-sized Snickers bar has 27 grams of sugar (the equivalent of 7 teaspoons).” In case you forgot, sugar is highly addictive. Let’s do our children a favor and teach them the invaluable lesson of healthy indulgence.

Fortunately for you, Pressmade complied the best Halloween treat recipes so you can make sure to make no compromises on your health this holiday.

Boo-nana: Freeze bananas(optional), cut banana in half,
insert popsicle stick into largeboonana end, dip banana in melted white chocolate, roll in coconut flakes(optional), decorate eyes with mini chocolate chips.



Let’s do our children a favor and teach them the invaluable lesson of healthy indulgence.

Monster Mouths:
Cut granny apple into slices, spread peanut or sunflower butter onto slices, add yogurt covered raisins to every-other apple slice, stack apple slice on top of yogurt covered raisin making a monster mouth.

64-Non-Candy-Halloween-Snack-Ideas-spider-snackSpooky Spider: Use plum as spider body, cut 8 tiny holes for legs, insert pretzels into holes, slide dark-colored grapes over pretzels, add white chocolate chips for eyes.


These simple, nutritious and surprisingly delicious recipes are bound to keep your trick-or-treat satisfied and coming back for seconds! Parents will be thrilled when they see a healthy alternative in their child’s basket.

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