A moving company in Southern California, Meathead Movers, composed of student-athletes is offering free services to victims of domestic violence.

It is company policy that payment is not accepted for services rendered to those fleeing situations of domestic violence. In a piece for the Los Angeles Times, the company’s owner, Aaron Steed said, “To our unfortunate surprise, during the first two or three years running the company, I’d be the one who would pick up the calls.” Steed continued,  “I’d periodically get calls from someone—usually a woman—fleeing an abusive relationship. There were a lot of intense moments and crying. I remember the conversations pretty vividly and feeling a tremendous amount of panic and sadness. As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives.”

Meathead Movers voluntarily subject their themselves to dangerous situations to help victims from their abusers. Meathead Movers partners with local shelters such as, Good Shepherd Shelter, which provides trainings on how to handle the moves with the utmost care and safety. “Whenever we get a panicked phone call, we tell them to call the local domestic violence shelter and tell them of their process,” said Brandon Miller, an employee at Meathead Movers’ Santa Ana office.

According to the National Domestic Hotline, in the United States, on average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States — more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year. Furthermore, it takes a victim of domestic abuse seven instances of leaving before finally fleeing from the abuser for good. Meathead Movers are a godsend to these victims because their service relinquish the stress of planning, logistics, processing their property, and safety concerns that plague victims in these situations.

The abuser gains power over their victims through fear. Abusers regard this fear like a whip used to reign in cattle — Using it without conscience. Moving victim’s property to a protected place affords victims the peace of mind, they otherwise would not have, if faced with the challenge of escape and protecting their personal items.

Kathleen Buczko, the executive director of the Good Shepherd Shelter in Los Angeles, has been working with Meathead Movers for over a year and believes that their work is incredible. “From an emergency perspective, having the opportunity to move your stuff out and put it in a protected place affords the opportunity for individuals to get into a safe situation quicker,” said Buczko.

To learn more about the Meathead Movers or if you or you know someone who could use their services visit www.meatheadmovers.com.

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