The New Year is upon us!

I don’t know if we hate our jobs, but time-off during the holidays gives us indisputable joy! It’s a “season” when we can leave the stress of work and business behind, and come together to reflect and focus on what is truly important. As we gather this New Years Eve, let’s give the greatest gift to ourselves and our loved ones, the gift of being present.

Meditating Santa.jpg

As we transition into our vacation, it is important to remain mindful, so we can be sure to soak up all the joy around us, while connecting with our family. What is mindfulness anyway?

Mindfulness is being awake in the present moment. We can become mindful by slowing down our breath, observing our surroundings, our senses, and the way we feel in our bodies.

Mindfulness is all about noticing when thoughts arise and having the courage to let them pass without too much attachment.

We are human. We let our minds create dialogue in every experience we have, especially conversations that others are leading. We allow our thoughts to wander outside the moment and dabble in other worlds.

A good way to stay present in each moment is to listen. Like, really listen to your loved ones when they are speaking to you. Make eye contact. Awaken your senses by tuning into the sounds all around you. Maybe you notice a certain scent filling the air and now your nostrils and lungs. You can draw your attention to your body and just observe how it feels in this moment. When you notice your mind wandering away, adjust your focus to the motion of your breath. Observe and relax into whatever is in your environment.

When we remain present and open to our peers, we can meet people in their experiences and offer support through listening. We can watch people share joyful experiences and also experience joy second-hand. Joy is contagious. To watch a person share a joyful experience, is like watching a flower open and bloom in the Spring. Don’t forget to tune in and soak up the beauty of each moment this Holiday season.


I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship.

I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings.

My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you.

Let us work together for unity and love. — Mahatma Gandhi

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